The Vail Covered Bridge is a historical landmark in the heart of this world-famous ski town.  The bridge underwent extensive restoration in 1994 to ensure its useful lifespan in the coming decades.  The bridge approaches and structure were analyzed and redesigned to accommodate larger loads and more pedestrian traffic.

The existing structure included concrete T-girders, which were x-rayed and analyzed for capacity before being replaced with new steel girders.  Each wood member of the bridge was inspected, along with every bolt, to determine the extend of restoration.  Temporary access during construction was designed using a prefabricated steel bridge that was eventually moved to a nearby golf course.  A lifting plan was created and the bridge was removed from it’s abutments and placed in the adjacent Eastern courtyard for ease of restoration activities and the replacement of the girders.  This work was performed while working at Loris and Associates in Boulder, Colorado.