Autonomous Tent

The Autonomous Tent concept was sprouted by Phil Parr, an IT person with no prior experience in the building trades or design realm.  With the assistance of legendary architect  Harry Gesner, he has created an incredibly unique building concept.  The Autonomous Tent is a fabric and skeletal structure that has evolved into a masterpiece of creativity and function. Odisea [...]

Silver Leaf Cohousing

The Silver Leaf Cohousing project in our hometown of Paonia, Colorado is beginning the first stages of infrastructure installation as of late 2016.  The project is geared toward community elders who wish to share amenities and ultimately have a small footprint on the Town and planet. Each unit is designed for one or two people to comfortably live, while [...]

Old Snowmass Remodel

The Old Snowmass Remodel project converted a conventionally framed home into a larger residence with straw bale walls in a highly desirable area of Pitkin County in Colorado.  The architectural design was performed by Land+Shelter of Carbondale, CO who thoughtfully converted an outdated structure into a beautiful one using sustainable materials. Odisea was commissioned to investigate the existing structure [...]

Vail Covered Bridge Restoration

The Vail Covered Bridge is a historical landmark in the heart of this world-famous ski town.  The bridge underwent extensive restoration in 1994 to ensure its useful lifespan in the coming decades.  The bridge approaches and structure were analyzed and redesigned to accommodate larger loads and more pedestrian traffic. The existing structure included concrete T-girders, which were x-rayed and analyzed [...]

Pine Valley Ranch Pedestrian Bridges

Pine Valley Ranch Open Space is operated by Jefferson County, Colorado near the small town of Pine along the North Fork of the South Platte River.  We executed the civil and structural design associated with five prefabricated steel pedestrian brides that extended the usefulness of the existing trail network within the park.  Hydrological studies were performed at each intend [...]

Pueblo County 25th Lane and South Road Intersection Design

This project consisted of a crossing over the Bessemer Ditch and adjacent design of the intersection of 25th Lane and South Road in Pueblo County, Colorado.  The effects on Lombard Avenue were also considered as the proposed vertical profile affected the intersection with 25th Lane.

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