Planning at the community level is by far the most effective way to influence future development policy. At Odisea we understand the importance of planning that is based on sound principles that encourage pedestrian activity, connect people with each other and their surroundings, and deliver the highest quality services at the lowest environmental impact possible.

A New Century of Planning

The late 90’s signaled the re-emergence of traditional neighborhood planning. Long before the automobile began establishing our patterns of behavior, humans had evolved, understood and documented a series of patterns that lead to healthy communities. These patterns have been used more and more over the past decade in community development departments and are becoming normal once again.

Odisea has participated in the planning of communities at various levels. From building codes to zoning ordinances, we have experience identifying shortcomings in your development guidelines and can make recommendations for improvement based on a community’s needs and desires.

The 21st century signifies many new and enlightened approaches to planning, some of which are time-tested.  Our team can manage and participate in your community’s long-term visions.

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