The Old Snowmass Remodel project converted a conventionally framed home into a larger residence with straw bale walls in a highly desirable area of Pitkin County in Colorado.  The architectural design was performed by Land+Shelter of Carbondale, CO who thoughtfully converted an outdated structure into a beautiful one using sustainable materials.

Odisea was commissioned to investigate the existing structure and determine it’s ability to support the proposed reconfiguration and the new bale exterior walls.  We worked closely with Land+Shelter to design very customized details to achieve the desired results, both from and interior usage and exterior appearance perspective.  Retrofitting an existing structure with bale walls requires an intimate understanding of how the bales interact with surrounding structural components and finishes.  Our experience building bale structures allowed us to make decisions regarding construct-ability very early on the design process.

Permitting complex structures such as this one is always challenging.  We did not experience any major issues during the construction process as we worked with both the contractor and architect in a very collaborative manner.

Additional services included designing a large rock retaining wall and a meditation studio also constructed of bales.