Laurel Village Solar is a 1.45 MW PV power plant located in Minnesota.  Odisea provided civil engineering and SWPPP oversight services to SEI Professional Services as part of their engineering team.

The project was designed in 2020 and was put into production that same year.

One unique aspect of the civil engineering on the project is that the solar array is partially in a delineated wetland.  This was allowed by the local authorities for a couple reasons.  The first reason is that the change in use from a regularly plowed agricultural filed to open space that will be much closer to a natural state is an improvement to the lands ability to mitigate rainfall runoff.  The second reason is that the disturbance to the wetland was minimal and permanent impacts to the wetland area are less than 0.1 acres (the area of the steel pile foundations for the solar array).

Odisea also assisted in the construction stormwater permitting process with Wright County.