Odisea is part of a team of hand-picked consultants on the annexation of the largest remaining undeveloped parcel of land in East Boulder County, Colorado.  Golden Run is a 360-acre parcel that is within the planning area of the Town of Erie.

Odisea is the lead planner during the annexation phase, including conceptual design, utility demand projections and reports, traffic surveys, zoning impact studies and environmental impact analyses.  All annexation submittals are made by Odisea to the Town of Erie and managed as the process moves forward.

Aaron Harber, the owner of Golden Run, holds a very progressive vision for the project.  He foresees an example of development that will be a model of sustainable living.  His vision includes on-site power generation using solar and wind, and wastewater treatment using greenhouse technology and other low-impact treatment regimes.  Stormwater will be responsibly managed and re-used by directing it through treatment and storage areas.  The project will mimic traditional neighborhoods with a grid street layout and alleys for services such as garbage collection and utility easements.  Technology will be highlighted through the integration of state-of-the-art communications, monitoring and control of the on-site utilities.

Golden Run will emphasize senior living and attract families of all ages through affordable housing initiatives.  For a complete description of this unique and exciting project, we encourage you to visit their website.