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At Odisea we are known for our sustainable approach to the built environment. No where does this show more than through our building designs. Performance and function are blended seamlessly with beauty in a creative process that leaves no options off the table. The belief that the choice of technology, or lack thereof, should be appropriate for the project is central to our values as designers. No one solution, or set of systems, will fit all projects. The client’s needs are paramount and our role as consultants is one of guidance rather than pushing our design will around.

Efficiency and Function

Our clients have demanded a higher level of efficiency and function for more than a decade. Their knowledge level has driven us to explore more and more options. Education plays a critical role when our clients demand a higher level of efficiency and greater function. By understanding the effects of efficiency on the overall design, as engineers we can provide solutions that have increased resource productivity, both during construction and during their lifespan in operating and maintenance costs.

Focused Design

Our design team works in concert to deliver the highest quality, most efficient design that is demanded by our clients. Our management team is capable of delivering multidisciplinary projects and working internationally. Our focus is on both the broad perspective required of complex projects and on each detail.

Projects With Stories

From grocery stores with walls made of baled straw to pumice-crete and earthen plaster, each of our projects and the clients that own them are incredibly inspirational. Each of those clients have taken risks and pushed the boundaries of building science by making bold choices. We support those who ask questions and open their consciousness to include the vast world of choices that most mainstream projects never encounter. Each and every one of our projects has a story to tell that inspires and educates beyond it’s boundaries.

Building Design Projects

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