The Afghanistan National Police NPTC was  completed by Technologists Inc (Ti) in 2012 and is a project on which both Principals from Odisea worked extensively.  The ANP NPTC was designed to house and train up to 5,000 ANP trainees at any given time while also supporting their Afghan and international trainers.  The base is located in the Wardak Province, approximately 20 kilometers South of the provincial capital, Maidan Wardak.

Construction of the NPTC commenced in the Winter of 2009 and was handed over to the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) in the Spring of 2012 and was the largest project, dollar-wise, by the USACE at the time.  While Odisea cannot take credit for the NPTC as a project of its own, both principals played a pivotal role in its completion.  Lucy Hunter acted as the Director of the Design Division and Jeff Ruppert was the Director of Planning and Monitoring (PMD) at Ti during the construction of NPTC.

Notable components of the NPTC included a 300,000 gpd wastewater treatment plant that was designed and procured as a package unit under the supervision of Mr. Ruppert.  The compound was powered by a 9 MW diesel fired power plant made up of eleven individual power generating units.  Many of the buildings were required to be pre-engineered metal structures wrapped in concrete masonry units (CMU) requiring a unique structural engineering solution due to the high seismicity of central Afghanistan.  The base covered approximately one square mile including a firing range and off-road vehicle training course.  Force-protection measures included 3 meter tall masonry boundary walls and a continuous anti-vehicle trench around the entire walled portion of the compound.

One of the many PEB’s to be wrapped in CMU

Exterior of the compound looking Northwest