Management and Consulting

Jalalabad Airfield Wastewater Treatment Plant (click image for project details)

Our experience managing dozens of projects, from home construction in the Rocky Mountains to wastewater treatment plants on military bases, has given us the ability to direct and manage virtually any project.  Odisea can simply observe progress and report to the client, or provide more active construction administration activities as needed.

From concept to completion

Odisea has generated original designs on dozens of projects, has the experience of leading design groups of up to 45 staff, and has acted as the General Contractor on innovative projects.  Whether it is the largest structure in North America incorporating straw bale walls, or providing construction guidance during the erection of a waste water treatment plant, our team is made up of world-class engineers and designers.

Contracts and Contractors

The word “Contractor” implies the mastery of contracts during the execution of a project.  Contract management is one of our strengths, which means that we are capable of managing the processes that are described in a contract to the best intentions of both parties.  Sound management and capable foresight contribute directly to the success of each project. 

Odisea has many years of management in various roles that have led to the completion of a multitude of innovative and successful projects.