Autonomous Tent

The Autonomous Tent

The Autonomous Tent concept was sprouted by Phil Parr, an IT person with no prior experience in the building trades or design realm. With the assistance of legendary architect Harry Gesner, he has created an incredibly unique building concept. The Autonomous Tent is a fabric and skeletal structure that has […]

ANA National Maintenance Facility (NMF)

Barracks to be rehabilitated on the interior.

The Afghanistan National Army, National Maintenance Facility is a multifunctional maintenance compound in the center of Kabul, Afghanistan. Technologists Inc performed the design and construction of the facility with a successful turnover in the Spring of 2012. Both principals/owners of Odisea were part of the NMF […]

Jalalabad Airfield (JAF) Wastewater Treatment Plant

The close-out team at the time of turnover to the USACE.

Jalalabad Airfield (JAF, also known as FOB Fenty) houses over 5,000 personnel ranging from airfield staff to our deployed troops as they perform their duties in Eastern Afghanistan. It is a strategically important airfield due to its proximity with Pakistan and the […]

ANP National Police Training Center (NPTC)

Exterior of the compound looking Northwest.

The Afghanistan National Police NPTC was completed by Technologists Inc (Ti) in 2012 and is a project on which both Principals from Odisea worked extensively. The ANP NPTC was designed to house and train up to 5,000 ANP trainees at any given time while also supporting their […]

Straw House Market

The building following the second coat of cement-based plaster.

Another very unique project was the engineering and construction activities on the Straw House Market in Helena, MT. During the summer and fall of 2003, Odisea had a few “firsts” on this project.

This project was our first commercial bale engineering project. It […]